Here you will find the ramblings of a Patriotic, Christian, Hippie, Witch-Doctor, Medicine Woman, as I try my best to treat my family and any illness they may encounter, as naturally as possible. Join me as I journey through our wonderful world, seeking out God given herbs, for their medicinal properties.

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Honey-Lemon-Elderberry Juice
This is what we use to replace cough syrup and also what we use as our soothing drink when someone is not well.  The honey is antibacterial, antiviral, and just all around good for you, and replaces the sugar you do NOT need when you are sick.  The lemon soothes the sore throat, breaks up mucous and quiets coughs.  The elderberry concentrate provides all kinds of benefits, please see my blog post on elderberry for more information.

I sometimes make it a cup at a time, or when there is illness in the family I make a gallon at a time.  

For 1 gallon I add about 5 ounces of elderberry concentrate, 3 or 4 "plops" of  lemon juice (I use "Real Lemon") and honey to sweeten.  Usually about an inch or more in the bottom of the jug.. Then add warm water and SHAKE ** SHAKE ** SHAKE!!!

That's it.   :)   Experiment and get your recipe adjusted to your taste.   Delicious and healthier than store bought juices.  YUM YUM YUMMY!!!  

It really helps kick a cold and is a super treat.  Try freezing it into ice pops for treat for children with fevers or stomach bugs.  :D