Here you will find the ramblings of a Patriotic, Christian, Hippie, Witch-Doctor, Medicine Woman, as I try my best to treat my family and any illness they may encounter, as naturally as possible. Join me as I journey through our wonderful world, seeking out God given herbs, for their medicinal properties.

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Health and Beauty Store: Here you will find all your vitamins, supplements, over the counter medications, healthy oils, hair products, soaps, shampoos, hair pins, styling products, basically ANYTHING you can think of that has to do with health or beauty. From humidifiers, to hairspray and everything in between.

BOOK & VIDEO STORE: Here you will find EVERY book and video that Amazon carries and you will help support the Kiser Crew. Books, DVD's, VHS, Etc..  It is a win, win situation with our Amazon Store, you pay the same price, keep your prime shipping, and we earn a little bit. :)

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BABY,BABY, BABY: Our baby & BIG KID supply store, all your baby items, all in one place.. :) Plus all the toys and games that Amazon carries can be found here too.  Some come on in, get comfy and shop for the kiddos. :)

THE MAN CAVE: The place where the men get to shop, sports equipment, tools, hardware, automotive parts and supplies, and all that good manly junk. ;o) 

THE GROCERY STORE:  All your gourmet and specialty food, oils and spices all in one place. :)